Course curriculum

    1. Course Overview: A Tactical Approach to Home Defense

    2. Introduction: The Four Pillars of Survival

    1. Hasty Defense: Putting a Plan in Place Right Away

    2. Threat Assessment: Most Likely and Most Dangerous Threats

    3. Deterrence: The First Line of Defense

    4. Threat Assessment and Deterrence: Quiz

    1. Introduction to Alert Systems

    2. Establishing an Alert System

    3. Security Systems and Dogs

    4. Introduction to Obstacles and Site Hardening

    5. Obstacles and Site Hardening

    6. Introduction to Response Planning

    7. Response Planning

    8. Alert, Hardening and Response: Quiz

    1. Introduction to Firearms

    2. Weapon Selection, Safety and Training

    3. Introduction to Singleton Close Quarters Battle

    4. Singleton Close Quarters Battle Tactics

    5. Introduction to Two-Person Close Quarters Battle

    6. Two-Person Close Quarters Battle Tactics

    7. Weapons and Close Quarters Battle: Quiz

    1. Introduction to Unarmed Defense

    2. Unarmed Defensive Tactics

    3. Introduction to Security Dogs

    4. Security Dog Employment

    5. Defensive Scenarios and Property Types

    6. Scenarios and Techniques

    7. Defensive Tactics and Scenarios: Quiz

    1. Further Training and Resources

About this course

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  • 30 lessons


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Course Description

Home defense is a very broad and complex topic. Every home is different and every individual or family has unique needs when it comes to security. Rather than attempting to provide a single, magical solution to the security problem, this course offers a wide selection of commonsense security principles and techniques that can apply to a wide range of situations and threat environments. These principles and techniques will provide you with building blocks that you can use to develop a custom-tailored plan that fits your specific home defense requirements.

This course also aims to encourage people to become more security conscious and think about security in new creative ways. Unfortunately, most people devote little time and attention to thinking about security. The misconception that “it can never happen to me,” is all too common in modern society. Even if you are already security conscious, there are always ways to improve and adapt to ever-changing threats. This course is designed to help with that adaptive process by providing innovative, tactically-focused approaches to help expand your defense capabilities.

This course covers a variety of topics including:

  • Threat assessment and analysis
  • Deterrence measures
  • Neighborhood-level security and alert plans
  • Security systems, cameras, sensors and security dogs
  • Coordination with law enforcement
  • Weapon selection, safety and training
  • Single-person and two-person Close Quarters Battle (CQB)
  • Improvised weapons and unarmed defense
  • Defensive planning, tactics and scenarios


Special Tactics

Special Tactics was developed by special operations veterans from Tier-1 Special Mission Units, along with a team experts with diverse backgrounds from the military, law enforcement and academic communities. Our mission is to help improve United States and allied national security capabilities through training and education.


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