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On a fighting ship, a "plank owner" is someone who was part of the crew when the ship first commissioned. If you are one of the first 1000 to join us you will be a "Plank Owner" at WMI for life, receive a special serial-numbered certificate to prove you were here at the beginning!

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In addition to unlimited access to the Pacific Air War course and all other upcoming WMI courses, the first 1000 to join (plank owners) will also get complimentary access to the Special Tactics Squad-Level Infantry Rural Combat Course.


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At the Warfare Master Institute (WMI), our team of interservice combat veterans and military scholars are constantly seeking new and innovative approaches to learning the art and science of warfare. Our focus is on developing, community-based online courses that constantly evolve and improve over time based on user feedback. Our courses employ unconventional learning methods, cutting edge graphics and interactive multimedia content focused on military history, technology, strategy, operations and tactics.

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The first 1000 members will get honorary "Plank Owner" certificates and complimentary access to the Special Tactics Infantry Rural Combat Course