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This "guided reading" course offers military professionals and scholars a new way to learn from books. Military books that are long enough to go into detail on important themes and topics frequently do not have many maps, pictures and diagrams simply because there is not enough room in the book to include all of these important supporting materials. Even if publishers were willing or able to make books 2-3 times longer, including a lot of pictures, maps and diagrams within the text itself can be distracting to the reader. However,  modern technology offers a solution to provide all the visual references a reader might want without detracting from the reading experience.

As a  Warfare Mastery Institute member you can get a lot more out of reading Richard Overy's The Battle of Britain: The Myth and the Reality through easy access to digital, read-along, supporting materials in this guided reading course. While going through the book, the you have the ability to quickly reference numerous pictures, maps, diagrams and videos, organized to mirror the book by page and chapter. As you read, if you may want to see pictures of the people, aircraft or locations mentioned in the book. Maybe you want to review a certain location or the positioning of forces on a map. All of this information and more is conveniently included in this companion digital course.

Finally, for those who really want to master the materials in a book and retain knowledge, this course provides carefully designed quizzes to compliment the reading. This is also convenient for teachers or leaders intending to use the book for academic studies or professional development purposes.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is not a stand-alone product and requires the separate purchase of Richard Overy's The Battle of Britain: The Myth and the Reality . You can purchase the book on Amazon HERE.

BOOK DESCRIPTION: The Battle of Britain: The Myth and the Reality by Richard Overy

 "A concise, penetrating account....This stirring book inspires an admiration for British courage."―New York Times Book Review

The battle of Britain pitted the Hurricanes and Spitfires of the Royal Air Force against the Messerschmitts of Hitler's Luftwaffe in the skies over England in 1940. It was immortalized in Churchill's words, "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few," but it has since been debunked by revisionists as an inconclusive and even strategically flawed encounter for the British. In this assessment of the battle, Richard Overy restores the historical balance. He delivers shrewd judgments on the critical elements for both sides, from strategy to leadership, command organization, communications, and training to the technology of fighters, bombers, and radar. Overy shows that even if the popular myth overshoots the mark, the significance of the battle remains undiminished in the light of realistic judgments. A necessary battle, it marked the end of Germany's string of victories, forestalled a German invasion, and kept Britain in the war.

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At the Warfare Master Institute (WMI), our team of interservice combat veterans and military scholars are constantly seeking new and innovative approaches to learning the art and science of warfare. Our focus is on developing, community-based online courses that constantly evolve and improve over time based on user feedback. Our courses employ unconventional learning methods, cutting edge graphics and interactive multimedia content focused on military history, technology, strategy, operations and tactics.


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