Welcome to the Warfare Mastery Institute

Warfare mastery means studying history, knowing your enemy, understanding technology, learning the art of strategy, the science of logistics and the foundations of tactics. The Warfare Mastery Institute is the first online, community-based learning platform dedicated to helping you follow this challenging path. Our team of interservice combat veterans and military scholars are constantly seeking new and innovative approaches to learning.

  • Interactive maps, timelines and orders of battle let you visualize the course of historical conflicts.
  • Challenging scenarios and vignettes put you in the shoes of the commander on the ground.
  • Color diagrams and animations help you internalize tactical techniques.
  • Multimedia presentations illustrate the evolution of weapons technology, capture the wisdom of great leaders and tell the inspiring stories of fallen heroes. 

We welcome military professionals, scholars and enthusiasts to join us in building the Warfare Mastery Institute.

Warfare Mastery Courses